A star is torn; a star is born

A star is torn; a star is bornfeatured

On Thursday morning, Little D and I braved the thunderstorm to get to the polling station.

Like more than 30 million others, we played our little part in history and marked our ballot paper with a simple X. I went to bed that night fairly confident of the outcome.

Dawn broke with news of a very different reality. Sterling collapsed and markets were plunging. The same day, job cuts were announced in the City – well prepared contingency plans already being rolled out. Depressingly predictable.

On a happier note, last week Big D and her pals performed Oliver at the local church in her Nursery’s Summer play.

It played to a packed house of parents and family and was the jolliest event of the year so far. The children were wonderful – singing their little hearts out to Food Glorious Food! The message of the play was to help people (in this case workhouse children) less fortunate than yourself. A good lesson for this troupe of four year olds – and for all of us.

Big D was cast as Queen Victoria and, with her handsome Prince Albert, had the lines: “everyone must go to school we need to change the law, and that’s a job for Parliament“.

She nailed it, and in my completely biased opinion stole the show! A star was born! I couldn’t have been more proud.

What struck me as I looked at Big D and her buddies on stage was how international the setup was. Spanish, Indian, Norwegian, American, Russian, English/Jersey, Bulgarian, French, Italian, Irish all represented. All rubbing along brilliantly.

Now Big D may not speak any other languages (although I send her to a fun French lesson once a week), but she does benefit enormously from having such a diverse group of friends around her. Parents come in to talk about their country, its traditions and customs. She absorbs and becomes a reflection of the melting pot of nationalities she is surrounded by. I hope this does not change.

But already my European and other foreign friends are saying they feel less welcome here. They aren’t, of course (London voted 60% in favour of the status quo), but I can understand their sentiment. You are welcome here, we do love you and please don’t go!!

It might be hope against hope, but a part of me still feels that something might be salvaged from all of this. That a third way will emerge – a new deal that gives my girls all the opportunities that I wish for them while addressing some of the very real concerns of the majority on Friday. And as Big D (alias Queen Victoria) said, that’s a job for Parliament!

Let’s hope they’re up to it.

Love Mummy B


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