6-months in and a Big Thank You

6-months in and a Big Thank Youfeatured

Mummy Bisson has just had celebrated its 6-month anniversary. What a crazy little time it has been. I’ve gone from knowing absolutely nothing about blogging, to knowing just a little, and realising I’ve got so far to go on this journey – so much of social media’s still such a mystery!

I started blogging initially as a challenge – to see whether, as a totally non-techy person, I could make sense of and become part of this online community and also to create a platform on which to capture my wonderful girls (albeit in a rather self-indulgent public diary (guilty)).

I’ve been overwhelmed by how many people have taken the time to stop by to have a read. In all, over 15,000 souls from across the World – it’s been amazing.

While the lion’s share of my readers have been based in the UK and the wonderful Island of Jersey, there are many regular readers in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Spain, Brazil, UAE, Australia, Switzerland and Turkey. Thank you guys, so much, for following the blog and if there’s anything you’d like me to write about, let me know!

My top 5 blogs over the past 6 months are:

  1. Starting a blog (Mummy B one month in)
  2. Some Good News to Share
  3. Double Baby, double buggy?
  4. Mini Fashionistas
  5. Finding the Right Nursery

I’ve received such lovely compliments and emails from kind people saying they’re really enjoying keeping up with Mummy Bisson. Grandmothers have told me that reading it helps them to relate to their own daughters’ experience of motherhood in this age, which is sweet to hear.

I’ve also heard that after reading about Auntie H’s skin cancer scare (Wear Sunscreen), a reader was prompted to get herself checked and she too has since found out that she had a mole which wasn’t right and which she is thankfully now getting treated. If my blog has existed for that reason alone it’s enough for me!

I never for one moment would have thought I’d enjoy writing and creating the site as much as I do! I feel like I’m playing at running my own magazine (my dream job). Sadly, I never got past the interview stage at Conde Nast (wearing an awful aubergine suit, what was I thinking!), so I’m making up for lost time.

I’m so excited to share the things that I’ve found helpful as a mother and in life in general. I love that instead of spending my evenings virtual shopping on the internet, I can now share some style tips and let you know about some of the lovely things I come across. There really is so much I want to write about and share – so do please stay tuned.

Having just started writing about ‘The Bump’ gives me a chance to talk about pregnancy.  Auntie H’s wonderful baby announcement has made my maternity memories come flooding back – so I’ll be living the ups and downs of her pregnancy vicariously through Mummy Bisson, which I hope will be of interest to all those lovely Mummies-to-be.

Daddy B and I are also about to start digging the basement out at home, so there’ll be something on that with an interiors angle coming up soon. There’ll still be plenty more lifestyle/parenting/family/fashion features – focusing on life with my two Little Lovelies.

Wherever you are in the World, thank you so much for all your support. Please do comment on posts you like and let me know your thoughts – I’d love to hear from you and for this to become more interactive as time goes on!

Come and keep up with us on Instagram – where I post daily all the wonderful things we get up to. I have a Facebook page and FB shares are still the absolute best way to share the love. I’m on Twitter too, but I’m not sure I have perfected my birdsong!

Please share, share and share some more if you like Mummy Bisson – I’d love to grow the site organically and lovingly and I hope that’s where you feel you might help. Chances are, if you’re reading and enjoying the blog you have lots of friends who may want to join the family!

Thanks again wonderful readers!

Love Mummy B




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