5 Things I never get on a plane without

5 Things I never get on a plane withoutfeatured

Six sleeps from now and I’m off on Summer hols. I’m so excited I could spontaneously combust!

I love being a city dweller, but always enjoy escaping – especially in the Summer. For the next few weeks, I’ll be Mummy B in Marbs (carbs and all), and you’ll find us hanging on the beach and kicking back.

However, before my feet touch the sand I have to navigate a flight with my two mini-munchkins and without my wingman Daddy B. The task in hand needs military precision (plenty of planning prevents properly poor performance), so I can lug luggage and keep the girls under tabs at all times.

When traveling as a four, we use the divide and conquer rule and take one girl each which usually works really well. But not this time. I’m outnumbered 2 to 1!

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I’ve been eyeing up a few travel necessities that will hopefully mean I disembark feeling like I’m winning at life, not frazzled and despairing.

The Baby Zen Yo-Yo

I borrowed my sister’s travel stroller back in May and it’s not an understatement when I say it changed my life. I guess it’s called the yo-yo because it’s easy to pick up and put down and you can practically put it in your pocket! Ever since I first used it, my Maclaren (which has been like a trusted old friend to me), has felt like it needs to be put out to grass and traded in for this genius travel hack.  A revolutionary piece of kit – when folded down it fits easily in the over head locker. Little D is still too small to walk long distances but too heavy to carry in my arms, especially when I have bags and Big D in tow. Priced at £339.00 from Pram World.


The iPad

I tend to ration the girl’s iPad usage when we’re at home (screens are powerful things and they scare me a bit), but I do recognize when this addictive cunning entertainment tool can be used to my advantage – and flying is one of those times when I’ll do anything to keep the peace for those around me. Before I go away I load it up with lots of apps, some educational and some fun as well as some audio books and a couple of films. Apple iPad Air available from John Lewis, priced at £299.00.232428728


There is nothing worse for other passengers than having to endure Peppa Pig on loop for a three hour flight, so I try to do right by others and insist on the girls wearing headphones. We have these fun JVC ones from Smyths, priced at £14.99, but there are so many other ones available on Amazon if pink isn’t your thing! 😉


My two are fussy eaters and I can’t rely on in-flight food to pass the taste test, so I always take the girls a pack up. I love these compartmentalized lunch boxes from Yum Box. Available from Not on The High Street, priced at £9.96.


Etch A Sketch

This classic provides hours of mess free fun. Big D is a Big Fan, so this will be making the grade in my SOS bag of fun. Available from Selfridges, priced at £14.99.

54-85422371-70250_MWater Magic

Little D loves this Water Magic colouring book. Run the water filled pen over the picture to reveal a fun magic picture. Available from Trotters, priced at £6.99.


gal_a3079hIf all these fail I will have one final trick up my sleeve, the emergency lollipop – please don’t judge me! I know I proclaim to keep things healthy and I do try, but sometimes when you find yourself in tricky waters the emergency lollipop can be a true lifesaver. And it is holidays after all!

If you are traveling with babies this summer do check out Flying with Babies and Toddlers for some more tips to take the stress and strain out of Summer holidays.

Have a nice flight!

Love Mummy B








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