Six Months of School

Six Months of Schoolfeatured

Big D’s six months into school which is a perfect time to take stock.  It’s been an easy transition for her – which was a huge relief. She has seamlessly slipped into her new routine, made wonderful little friends and fully bonded with her fabulous teachers. Like all parents, handing their child over to full time education when they are still so little is daunting, but I’m delighted Big D is in a environment that allows her to thrive and grow independently.

She’s really enjoying learning to read and write. Her current obsession is writing me little love notes – which is the sweetest even if she does get a few letters a little muddled. Reading has come very naturally to Big D, she’s quick to teach me all about digraphs and Greek mythology and, slightly bizarrely, superheroes (her current topic?).

School has given my family balance and structure. I now have room to breathe and put myself first a little, which is a treat, although I struggle to fill my time some days and feel a slight pang of guilt when not doing something constructive (I hope to have have exciting projects in the pipeline soon.)

Big D being at school has also given me time to dedicate more of my time and attention to Little D and to nurture her without the distraction of her older sister. There is so much to be said for a little one-on-one attention, especially as Little D can be naturally a little quieter.

Big D’s school does a lot to get the parents fully involved in school life – which is wonderful and I absolutely see how this benefits the school community. Having said that, I admit to struggling a little to integrate myself at times. No one likes being the new mom on the block, and over the past months I’ve had times where I’ve stood at the school gates relatively alone, desperately burying myself in my mobile to look busy as all the other mothers seem to seamlessly form bonds around me.

Hanging out at the school gates alone is never fun, and I was looking forward to being part of a little community – especially as it now forms such a big part of my day. Everyone seems very lovely, but it takes time to get to know new mummies – especially when everyone’s busy with their own lives.

In the last few weeks, slowly but surely, perhaps reminiscent of my own school experience, I’m now finding my little girl gang – and they’re great! What took Big D two minutes has taken me 6 months – but I’m finally feeling more at home.

I can’t believe my Little Love is half way through her first year already and how normal school life now feels. Even for me!

Love Mummy B




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