MAD (Mum & Dad) Blog Awards – In it to win it!

MAD (Mum & Dad) Blog Awards – In it to win it!featured

A quick post to thank the Mummy Bisson reader(s) who nominated me for a Mums and Dads Blogging Award – it was super kind of you (little bit of a shock if I’m honest!), and I really appreciate it.

While I’m really super proud of my blog and love writing about my amazing girls, it can be tough sometime keeping the motivation going. So it’s really great to receive some recognition. I hope you love the blog, and if you do I’d be so grateful if you would vote for me in these awards.

I’ve been nominated in 5 categories:

  1. Best blog writer
  2. Best lifestyle blog
  3. Best family travel blog
  4. Best pre-school blog
  5. Blog of the year (I can’t believe that one either!!)

If I could be shortlisted for Best Lifestyle Blog, that would be amazing – although I can’t really imagine it.

If you could spare a little moment to vote I’d really appreciate it.

MAD Blog Awards

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This weekend has been a classic mix of joy and exasperation. We went cycling round Richmond Park this morning which is in the first throws of Spring. Baby deer were huddled together getting used to their new surroundings and the bridleways and cycle paths were heaving with people making the most of the weather. The girls loved being towed behind Daddy B’s bike in their illuminous chariot-  even if he did really struggle uphill! (Where is an emoji when you need one, I was crying with laughter at the top of the hill).

Unfortunately, though, Little D’s really regressed on the sleeping front and is refusing to sleep in her own bed. She’s about to turn 2 at the end of the month, so it’s come as a real shock to be back almost at a newborn state with her sleepwise. We have been walking around in that zombie state all weekend and even climbed into bed at 9pm last night, we are wild! She seems really to fear her own bedroom, crying at even the mention of her cot. Tonight we’ve tried playing some soothing music outside her room and leaving the door fully open so she feels closer to us.

So far, amazingly, it seems to be working (must be the fresh air of Richmond Park), but it will remain to be seen how she gets on in the early morning at first light or the noise of an aeroplane – whichever comes first! I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend whatever you have been doing.

Thanks again for all your support.

Love Mummy B



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