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Don’t forget, it’s Mother’s Day on 6th March. These annual celebrations of mothers have been held since 1908. It was and remains a special day, set aside to honour mothers, “the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world“.

Now that I’m a mummy, I recognise that just navagating yourself through pregnancy and giving the gift of life is something that as a child you can never fully understand, less appreciate.

Witness Auntie H carting around her beautiful baby bump (which could drop any second), while simultaneously carrying another two stone of toddler. Neither babe has an inkling of the strength being mustered. Throw in those sleepless nights filled with endless feeds, those challenging pre-school years (that’s as far as I’ve got but I hear the best is yet to come!) where your delightful little dependents manage to test your limits daily. The only thing giving you the willpower, determination and strength to succeed is total, utterly unconditional, love.

It’s dawning on me now, finally, that I’ve never truly appreciated, nor ever properly thanked, my own mother for what she did for me (and the totally cool style in which she went about it).

Still now, when it comes to my sister and I and our respective offspring, nothing is too much for her and this has always been her way. She has never carped about the trappings of motherhood like I sometimes do. Never lost her patience with us if we were dawdling.

I was lucky enough to have the most wonderful childhood and in the biggest possible sense that was down to my mother, who selflessly devoted her whole life to bringing up her children. From helping me with maths homework, getting up at 5am to help me get ready for a horse show, teaching me how to do my make-up and be a lady and gently helping me to dodge one or two bullets back in the early days of dating, she was 100% committed to me (and my sis)!

She ever encouraged me to be the best I can be and not to let anything get in the way of my dreams. Since having the girls, I’m trying to pass on that exact same message and to follow my role model mummy who holds my hand daily when it comes to navigating this parenting minefield.

Mothers are wonderful things and we all feel our own mummy is especially wonderful. How many cards on Mothers’ Day will have inscribed in them “thanks for being the best mum in the whole world”? And we genuinely believe it because, to us, it is an absolute truth.

So, in advance of Mother’s day, I’d like to give a little love to the person who has done more for me than anyone in the world.

Thank you, Mummy. For everything. I love you!!

Love Mummy B



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